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The following times give you a rough idea of the travel times between the main attractions in Egypt.
Cairo – Aswan: 14hrs by overnight train
Cairo – Aswan : 1.5hrs by air
Cairo – Luxor: 10hrs 30 mins by overnight train
Marsa Alam Airport – Luxor: 4.5hrs by car
Giza Metro station – Pyramids at Giza: 15-20 mins by car

The Nile

It is the longest river in the world. Without the Nile

River, all of Egypt would be desert.

Only about an inch (2.5 centimeters) of rain falls throughout Egypt each year. But each summer, the

river rises because of rains at its source far to the

south in Ethiopia. Floods cover the river's valleys,

leaving sediments needed for trees, plants, and crops

to grow.

Egypt Geography

Egypt is often divided into two sections:

Upper Egypt in the south and Lower Egypt in the north.

The sections are named this way because the Nile

flows from south to north. The river empties into the Mediterranean Sea.


Southern Egypt's landscape contains low mountains

and desert. Northern Egypt has wide valleys near the

Nile and desert to the east and west. North of Cairo,

the capital, is the sprawling, triangular Nile River Delta. This fertile land is completely covered with farms.

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